Partner Spotlight – MGI Golf

Partner Spotlight - MGI Golf


MGI Golf are a long-term SGA partner, offering world-leading technology in their range of motorised buggies.

Ai GPS+ 90_800x490

MGI Ai Navigator GPS+

With brand-new technology and a strikingly modern design, the new Ai Navigator GPS+ is designed with an integrated GPS system built into a super responsive high-resolution 4” full colour all-weather touchscreen display which will connect you to over 40,000 courses worldwide.

The integrated high performance GPS system delivers fast and accurate distances to all parts of the course. This clear view of the hole is further enhanced by the complimentary interactive MGI App that comes with maps, scoring and can be your MGI Sureshot handheld device which can be taken anywhere. Also, the Ai Navigator GPS+ comes with MGI's globally renowned fully directional handheld remote control which can be used from over 100 metres away allowing you to walk the course with ease. With MGI’s patented gyroscope straight tracker technology your Ai Nav GPS+ will stay on track across any terrain.




Conquer the toughest golf courses with the Zip Navigator AT - All Terrain. Designed with independent swivelling front wheels for added strength and stability, the Zip Navigator AT incorporates a full directional remote control, allowing you to effortlessly walk free and play hard. On even the most rugged and hilly courses, watch while your buggy traverses the landscape with conviction.



Make it a level playing field with the MGI Zip X5 with the ingenious advantage of Downhill Speed Control and an Electronic Park Brake. The downhill speed control eliminates the need for the golfer to manually adjust the speed control when walking downhill. This creates an effortless, weightless transition on all downhill terrains. Also, it allows the golfer to focus only on the next shot, leading to lower scores and increased satisfaction. Plus, park on any incline by activating the electronic brake at the press of a button. The MGI Zip X5 is the game changer.



Packed full of desirable features, the MGI Zip X3 will turn heads with its stylish look and modernistic design whilst being effortless in its operation. For effortless play, the MGI Zip X3 is built on a platform of signature MGI features like a Controlled Distance Function, a swivelling & lockable front wheel and all terrain tread wheels. To help improve your game and feel in control, the advanced digital electronics will provide valuable statistics, like distances walked and longest drive.



With a smooth and quiet ride, the revolutionary Zip X1 will do all the work for you so you can concentrate on your game. Feel your best to play your best. Not all motorized caddies are the same, so with the MGI Zip X1 you're amongst the best equipment in the game.

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Get any of these MGI Buggies at Australia's Best Price

For pricing on any of the MGI Buggies listed above, Call Mick David on 0402 488 253

About MGI Golf and SGA

MGI Golf buggies are SGA's preferred motorised golf buggy, and are awarded as prizes at many of our Major Events and Tournaments, notably our annual SGA Championships. SGA are proud to partner with MGI Golf.

Visit the MGI Golf Website here

Partner Spotlight – Garmin Golf

Garmin Australia

Partner Spotlight - Garmin Golf

garmin tab_black tab

Garmin Golf are a long-term SGA partner, offering high-quality GPS golf devices like watches, handhelds and laser rangefinders.

Garmin Watches

Distance Measurement Devices

Garmin Golf GPS and laser rangefinders help you play your best while on the course. From wearables and watches to high-sensitivity laser rangefinders, you can determine how far you are from the front/midle or back of the green, or critical yardages to lakes, trees or other hazards. Garmin GPS products come pre-loaded with 40,000 courses (worldwide). So you'll always have accurate information when you play.
Read more about Garmin Golf Distance Measurement Devices here.

Launch Monitor

Launch Monitors and Simulators

Take the guesswork out of golfing with launch monitors that measure different aspects of your shot to help you better analyse your swing. Whether at home, indoors or on the driving range, Garmin Launch Monitors help you step up your swing consistency. They track more than a dozen golf metrics, from club head speed, ball speed, spin, launch angle, launch direction, smash factor and more. You can record video clips of each shot, and even play virtual rounds without leaving your home.

Read more about Garmin Golf Launch Monitors and simulators here.

Garmin Golf App

Garmin Golf™ App

With this free app on your compatible smartphone, you can compete, compare and connect with fellow golfers. You can also analyse your past rounds and get performance stats. It works hand-in-hand with the Garmin Launch Monitors to show you the data and metrics to get the most out of your swing.

Read more about Garmin Golf App here.

About Garmin Golf and SGA


Garmin Golf products are SGA's preferred GPS, Handheld and Laser Rangefiner devices, and are awarded as prizes at many of our Major Events and Tournaments, notably our annual SGA Championships. SGA are proud to partner with Garmin Golf.

Visit the Garmin Golf Website here

Partner Spotlight: The Card Network

The Card Network Logo

Partner Spotlight: The Card Network (TCN)

The Card Network Logo

The Card Network is a trusted partner of Social Golf Australia. They provide the awesome Gift Cards (The Pub & Bar Card and The Restaurant Card) that SGA award as prizes at our events.

To our delight, the cards are proving to be EXTREMELY popular with our golfers. In fact, our golfers simply LOVE them.

Why? Because they are extremely versatile, and make a great gift!

The Card Network Pub & Bar Card
The Card Network Restaurant Gift Card

About The Card Network

The Card Network is "Australia’s go-to gift card provider."

Their cards are redeemable at top fashion brands, retailers and over 10,000 venues & service providers across Australia.

The Card Network have partnered with the retailers where Australians love to shop. These include Pubs & Bars, Restaurants, Cinemas, Online, Spas and more. They even have cards catering to Him, Her, Teens, Kids, Baby, Active and for The Home.

These gift cards are very versatile and can be used at just about any establishment where EFTPOS is accepted, making them the perfect gift.

Many of our golfers are now purchasing packs of these cards to give away to staff/employees (as gifts for Christmas, or for weekly/monthly “Employee of the month” awards, etc.).

They are available at retailers, shops and stores across Australia.

SGA is proud to have The Card Network as a trusted partner, and we highly recommend their cards if you are looking for a great gift.

Partner Spotlight – Gold Coast Direct Charters

Gold Coast Direct Charters Logo

Partner Spotlight - Gold Coast Direct Charters

Gold Coast Charters Direct

Gold Coast Direct Charters are an accredited Gold Coast/Brisbane transfer service, and a trusted partner of SGA.

Whether you're going to/from the Brisbane or Gold Coast airport, theme parks, hotels or special events, Gold Coast Direct Charters will get you there in style and comfort. And you'll always get friendly, reliable and efficient service.

Rock-Star, VIP Treatment

With nearly 10 years of experience (and thousands of satisfied customers), Gold Coast Direct Charters provide an “Exclusive Use” direct transfer service. You can go to or from a destination of your choice, at a time of your choosing.

It's like having your own personal/dedicated driver.

You'll feel like a VIP as you are met at the airport, given assistance with your luggage, and driven to your hotel in air-conditioned comfort. Plus, you'll be treated with friendly, convenient, first-class service throughout.

Best of all, they do it for one inclusive price.  So, you can go where you want, when you want. And, since it's an Exclusive Use, you won't have to worry about other people being picked up or dropped off along the way. It's your own personal transfer service.

Small or large groups - it's all good

Gold Coast Direct Charters offer Private & Personal Transfers for up to 21 passengers. (Groups over 21 passengers can be accommodated upon request):

  • 1 to 11 seats: Air-conditioned, well-appointed Toyota Commuter mini-bus. Large luggage capacity and, when required, carpeted luggage trailer.
  • 21 seat Toyota Coaster. Air conditioned. Trailer available.
  • Also, there is room for Extra luggage, golf clubs or surfboards.

So, whether you're a holidaymaker or resident of the area, GCDC has you covered.

About Gold Coast Direct Charters and SGA

GCDC are SGA's preferred Gold Coast on-ground logistics partner for our annual SGA Championships. GCDC Owner Julie Ridler has always provided ultra-reliable, friendly, affordable and efficent service for the thousands of SGA competitors over the years.

In 2020, when Covid-19 forced the usual nation-wide event to be a Queensland-only event, Julie and the team went above-and-beyond. They helped all Qld competitors not only get to/from our event, but also provided immeasurable logistical help with the overall event. (And, for those of you who know how important this event is to SGA--and how careful we are with running it in a professional manner, you'll realise how much trust we put in Julie and her team.) Thus, the event was an amazing success, due largely to the assistance by Julie and the team.

That's just one reason why we highly recommend Julie and her team for any group transfer needs.

Visit the Gold Coast Direct Charters website here