SGA Testimonials

SGA Testimonials

Over 9000 Australian Golfers have connected with SGA over our history - whether through getting official handicaps, playing in our 18-hole Events or Major Events, or travelling with us to unique golf locations. Here are just a few of the many great SGA Testimonials we have recieved over the years.

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The SGA Golf Club (offering official golf handicaps)

Here are a few SGA Testimonials about The SGA Golf Club:

“SGA does exactly what it says on the tin!”  Sam J – Victoria

"Appreciate the honesty and integrity SGA has shown." Ross D

"Wow - what an amazing experience! I called Matt this morning to arrange a handicap which I need to play a private course this weekend. He was super helpful over the phone, and once I had completed the online information I had my GolfLink number and handicap within one hour! Highly recommended!! Thanks again Matt and the team" Anthony R

“...your customer service is off the charts. Unbelievable, to be honest.”  Vince C – Victoria

"We spoke on the phone yesterday morning about me needing a Golflink number to get on course at the Australian on Thursday. It came through this morning and I'm all good to go for this once in a lifetime experience. I'm absolutely thrilled with the outcome, and your team's service. Please accept my grateful thanks, and pass them on to the team who were responsible for making this happen." - Geoffrey, NSW

“May I say how impressed I am at the speed, efficiency and professionalism by which you have responded to my email last night. I am happy to say that Tom is quite excited that he will play in the comp in two weeks with a genuine handicap. He can also look forward to the next twelve months in Club competitions. Thank you very much.”   Stephen D – New South Wales

“Awesome, thanks heaps Matt! Been a big learning curve for someone new to the game getting my head around how all this works, you’ve been a great help.”  Josh L – Victoria

“Hey Matt, Merry Christmas and another big thanks for helping me get to play The Old Course at St. Andrews. We were there the weekend of the Open Championship at Carnoustie. Sincere thanks for your advice on this and for the letter of introduction.”  John R – Queensland

“Thanks so much. You guys are so great. It has been such a pleasure dealing with you guys right from the start. You have made it so easy.”  Steve F – New South Wales

“Fantastic - thanks so much for all that Matt, in particular turning all this around so quickly. This initiative is great for people like me who drift in and out of golf but still have the competitive spirit and being able to maintain an official handicap is much appreciated. Thanks again and take care.”  Rick M – ACT

“Really impressed with the fast turn around. After submitting my handicap application and scorecards in the morning, I had a GOLF Link number and GA handicap later the same day. I was going to play in a comp this week as an unhandicapped player, but I can enter the official stableford event now. It was such a simple process that I have passed on the SGA Golf Club details to some of my golf pals who have never held a handicap. Thanks everyone at SGA!”  Ryan M – New South Wales

“Hi Matt & Sally, appreciate all your efforts and quick replies and great service. We are very excited now to have our handicaps. Thank you once again.”  Rob W – Queensland

“Thanks for all your help with my handicap. I am really looking forward to getting into it! The information you supplied is fantastic & I feel that you guys are so keen to help. It's great. I hope to enter one of the SGA Tour events soon.”  Dave B – New South Wales

“This has been fantastic service. I'll share the positive experience.”  Brian S – South Australia

“Am impressed by your prompt attention and professionalism. Glad I joined SGA. Kind Regards.”  Bill K – New South Wales

“Promptness and efficiency of the return information and handicap provided. Such professionalism is a huge credit to you.”  Sean McClounan – Victoria

”Super-fast administration. When I told my friends about this they were amazed too at how quickly and easily you can apply for a golf link card.”  Oliver H – New South Wales

“Prompt response and your professionalism.”  Clayton D – South Australia

“Thanks for the prompt response to my application. Much impressed with process from submission to acknowledgement. Have a great day.”  Alec – Victoria

“Thank you very much for such an informative and detailed email and for activating my handicap in such a short period of time. I wish other businesses respond the way you have. I could not be any happier. I will be having a good look at your website for info on your SGA Tour events. I wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year. Happy Golfing.”  Mohammed R – New South Wales

“You guys do an amazing job for all of us golfers who don't have time to join a club.”  Charles E – Victoria

“Thanks for fixing that up so quickly for me, I really appreciate it. Great customer service!”  Nick P – New South Wales

“Your prompt replies and amazing service is greatly appreciated. Thanks again.”  Nathan M – Victoria

“Thank you Matt & Sally for your time, effort and efficiency.”  A Heppel – New South Wales

“You are just sensational! Thank you so much. Have a nice weekend.”  Tony H – Victoria

“Thanks so much for getting my handicap sorted so quickly.”  Jake M – New South Wales

“Great service and much appreciated.”  Peter O – Victoria

“Many thanks for your great service.”  Ken B – New South Wales

“Brilliant – thanks Matt & Sally for getting this all sorted so quickly. Have a great weekend.”  Antony F – Victoria

Testimonials for SGA's 18-Hole Golf Events and SGA Tour

Here some SGA Testimonials about our fortnightly/annual events:

"Great event, really well organised. All we had to do was hit the ball!" Troy M

"SGA continues to enhance the experience for people wanting a golf event with a wonderful social atmosphere.
The ability to play at different courses across Australia makes SGA the leader in golf trips." Mark H

"I thoroughly enjoyed the trip to Queenstown (2022) with SGA. The trip was very well organised, priced fairly and overall a great experience. Dean and Richard did a fantastic job bringing this event together." Anthony H

"Very enjoyable weekend once again. Meeting more likeminded people enjoying a sport and event that all level of handicap golfer is welcomed." 2023 Autumn Classic Player

"Awesome people and courses, and great competition formats." Michael S

"First time playing SGA (2023 Autumn Classic), and enjoyed the event and company. Accommodation was excellent. Organisation excellent and flowed well. Enjoyed the event format. I will visit other SGA events!" Lyn M

"This trip to the 2023 Autumn Classic held at Murray Downs Gold Resort, was my first experience with Social Golf Australia. I cannot recommend this organization enough, the event was well worth the money, had great organization and the people involved were very welcoming to new players." Robert B

"The 2022 Coffs Harbour / Bonville SGA trip was my second SGA tour and again did not disappoint. The tour was professionally run with great courses, accommodation and friendly people. I will not hesitate in recommending a SGA tour event and will definitely be going again." Jeff K

"Great event with brilliant SGA golfers to share experience with. Brilliantly organised with relaxed and enjoyable week. All you need to do is play golf as everything was taken care of." 2022 Competitor

“Goodness what a fun day we had. You made us so welcome, I was very nervous and not sure what to expect but I was blown away with the organisation and friendliness of the event. Our playing partners put my nerves to rest and we had a great day. I have already highlighted a few of the Sunday games so you will definitely be seeing more of us. Thanks once again for making us feel so welcome.”  Aileen

“I just wanted to pass on my thanks for the day yesterday. It was the first time that my pals and I had played through SGA and the first time we had ever played on one of the Sandbelt courses. Both experiences were amazing - we have all been talking about it like little kids since. We were treated as pros and everything went so smoothly...the players all treated everyone with respect and there was lots of encouragement on course as well. I will be recommending SGA to my mates and look forward to the next time I play in one of your events.”  Lachlan Y

“Just a quick thanks and congrats for Monday's event at Huntingdale. I was very impressed with the organization and friendly welcome. I had a great time and would very happily play with Darren, Pete or Wayne again. As you may have noticed, I have joined as an SGA Tour Member. That's how impressed I was immediately after the round. I may have had an ordinary day on the scorecard but an extraordinary day otherwise. Thanks again.”  Luke D

“Thanks again for another amazing event with such a great group of people. You certainly do an incredible job and I reckon SGA is the best golfing organisation in Australia.”  Darren N

“Thanks for your outstanding customer service on the day and with your post-event correspondence. We thank you and the rest of the team at SGA for what is at times a thankless job. Coming from a Customer Service background, just seeing your email was another highlight of the day. PS: Please book us in for the next event!”  Neil A

“Just wanted to thank you for today. Especially looking after us with the surprise last minute change to our group. The three of us had such a great time and the event was run superbly. Adam specifically mentioned it’s the best one he’s been to (and I know he’s been to a few) so hats off to you and your staff for such a well managed day!”  Shane C

Posted on an online golf forum: “So just want to give a big shout out to Social Golf Australia here. After mulling for over a year as to whether to join a club again or join one of the many fine options out there, we joined SGA at the start of the year. Was unable to play until April, but have to say from the beginning, be it in email form or in person, what a warm and welcoming organization we have found them to be. We have found the members to be genuine in their welcome as well, all of which added to the bonus of playing top tier courses regularly makes our decision feel very right. So thanks again to all, and we really are enjoying the organization, the company and the courses."  Neill B

The SGA Championships (72-hole tournament)

Some SGA Testimonials about our flagship annual event, the SGA Championships:

"Passion, enthusiasm, care and camaraderie are what sets Social Golf Australia apart from other social golf clubs." Dave W

"Had a very memorable experience and will tell many of my friends about how good it was. Looking forward to Pattaya next year." Wayne C

"The SGA event we participated in was wonderfully organised and everything went exceptionally smoothly. The SGA team was very friendly and totally focused on ensuring everyone had a great experience. We had a really enjoyable time and don't hesitate to recommend SGA to any golfer." Geoff A

"Great Week of Golf with great people." Aaron H

"On the whole I very much enjoyed the golf and my playing partners. A very well organized event. Everyone was friendly and welcoming. Communication was excellent with texts and the emails. Fantastic event, very welcoming to overseas players. Very well organized with lovely challenging courses to play." Karen

"It was a great experience, especially as a first-timer. Great people, very relaxed and inclusive atmosphere, and fantastic golf. Just what I hoped for." David A

"It’s a great, well-organised event playing nice courses with great people. Matt and the team make the event great fun. The work that goes in behind the scenes to make this event run so smoothly must be huge. But it is really appreciated. It’s great to just turn up and have everything organised for you." Nathan C

"This was my first time, and was extremely impressed with the organisation and overall management. Was also great value for money.Extremely well organised and managed by all the SGA team. Never had a question about what was going on - all info well communicated. Well done SGA team." Paul H

“Many thanks for organising such a great day out and making us feel so welcome. You do a terrific job of communicating with the golfers. I noticed how you acknowledged everyone at some point. Love seeing the photos on facebook, which is a great showcase to outsiders showing how everyone is having fun. Keep up the awesome work and see you at another event soon.”  Lisa S

"The 2022 SGA Championships on the Gold Coast was the most well-organised golf trip we have been on. The SGA staff are all excellent communicators, loads of fun and they are with you all the way through. The friendliness of the SGA staff, their communication and high level of organisation make us want to come back. The golf courses are top-notch and courses we wouldn't normally get a chance to play on. It was a pleasure to meet so many terrific people from all over Australia and NZ. The participants are all fantastic and everyone brought a lot of joy to this event. It was easy to make friends when the overall mood of the event, created by the organisers, is one of Fun and Laughter." Sue H

“I wanted to personally thank you all for a great week. As always, from a customers point of view, everything was fantastic and seamless – no doubt due to the efforts behind the scenes. I keep saying it, but this is a slick operation from a great group of folks. Looking forward to my next event with SGA.”  Shannan – New South Wales

“An absolute credit to the crew. We had a ball again and we can't wait till next years event. Hopefully we will be bringing more people from our club, to make up a few more teams. Everyone we speak to loves hearing about what a great, well run event The SGA Championships are.”  Debbie – Victoria

“A great event, very well organised. Great social atmosphere, and loved meeting new people. Loved the format with a focus on the individual grades, but having the team aspect as well is important. Looking forward to next year!! Great job to all involved.”  Bill – New South Wales

“Very well run by a lovely team of professionals.”  Jenny – Queensland

“Well done to all involved, great to catch up with old friends and making some new ones. I always enjoy the event – for 11 years and counting. Keep up the good work and see you all next year.”  Brad – Victoria

“I can’t believe how good the event is for the price. We got great service from all the staff and always with a smile. My clubs are always waiting for me at each course and I get to play with someone different each round.”  Steve – South Australia

Testimonials for The SGA Tasman Classic

A few SGA Testimonials about our annual Tasmania Trip

“Once again a great weekend with new friendships and memories made.  Thanks for all the hard work that goes on behind the scenes, everyone I spoke to love the weekend and the courses.  A massive well done.”  Mark H – Victoria

“Just wanted to thank you again for a great weekend.  The event was really well organised and as a result was highly enjoyable for us all.”  Evan C – Queensland

“Another incredibly run event at one of the greatest golfing destinations in the world.  I’m sure more goes into hosting an event of this size than we see as the customers, but you did an amazing job looking after us all so well for the whole 3 days”  Ian S – Victoria

Testimonials for The SGA Trans-Murray Match Play

A few SGA Testimonials about our annual Ryder-Cup-Style team event in Canberra

"My first time at the Trans-Murray Matchplay, and I'm hooked. I'll be back next year and for many years in future. The people and the energy was absolutely awesome... It helped that I could contribute to a Vics victory!!!" Krishnan A

"This was my first SGA major event (2023 Trans-Murray Matchplay), and it was a hoot! It was so well organised, friendly and inclusive. The courses were beautiful, the formats of matchplay fun and all played in great spirit. Thanks to all SGA Organisers and team Captains for making this event so memorable." Phoebe B

Very professionally run event played in great spirit!
--Ian S
This is an amazing experience for me to get to know new friends, share the joy and privilege of being able to participate in golf and to appreciate a wonderful world we live in. Thanks SGA!
--Tan N
SGA is all about the people. I have made lifelong friends through playing with SGA. Great bunch of people and we always play great courses.
-- Aileen A
Well all you golf crazy people out there come & join us on a week of fun & games with the crew from TMMP. What a week fantastic people,the best golf courses & a great time can be had by all. You will make new & life long friendships at TMMP so give them a call today.(P.S.) up the lefties.
-- Paul M
Awesome trip.. Great crew to hang out with for a beer, but once you get on the first tee......the pressure is on.
-- Matt M
Value for money Great golfing weekend for all levels of golfers.
--Mark H
Always fun, great courses and even better people.
--Rick A
What an awesome event that any golfer should experience.
--Albert N
Really enjoyed the event, well organised, fantastic course selection, well done SGA team!
Great event, great courses , well organised and Thank You !!
--Bryan N

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